• Sunday 29th July - Beaufort Hunt Terrier Show and Kennels Open Day Badminton Park at 1:00 PM. The Beaufort Hunt Terrier Show and Kennels Open Day will take place in Badminton Park on Sunday 29th July starting at 1pm. We have lots of different classes for all types of dogs and even ones that the owner can take part in. There will also be a bar, bbq and cream teas along side the cake stall, bouncy castle and trade stands. At 2pm there will be a tour of the kennels where you will be able to look at where and how the hounds live. We are also looking for new trade stands so anybody who would like to bring a trade stand along to the show please contact - Jo Aldridge.
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  • Wednesday 8th August - Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club Show on the Slaites, Badminton Park. Schedule on Classes for all. Set up on Tuesday 7th, help appreciated.
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The Beaufort Hunt, along with other hunts, have changed their rules to state:

  • That we intend to carry out only legal activities.
  • Farmers, Subscribers, Members and Followers have been informed to this effect.
  • Along with other hunts, we regard this as a temporary ban.
  • We will continue to campaign to prove that this ban is detrimental to animal welfare.
  • The Beaufort will continue to raise funds to pay for legal challenges.
  • We will continue to work towards maintaining employment both within the Hunt as well as related trades.
  • The Beaufort Hunt intends to maintain a workable pack of hounds to keep the Beaufort bloodlines that are renowned across the United Kingdom and indeed worldwide.
  • We are determined to keep our community together.
  • We will continue to raise funds for local charities.