Recent Donations...

The Beaufort Hunt and The Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club make numerous donations to charities local and national throughout the year from the proceeds of hunt functions and collections at Meets.
The Hunt has an annual Charity Meet in January each year and in addition also collects for the Earl Haig Poppy Fund each November at the Opening Meet and for the Hunt Staff Benefit Society on Boxing day.

Recent Donations:
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day Meet 2018)£4,200.00
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day Meet 2017)£4,070.00
Parkinson's UK (Bristol)£1,313.28
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day Meet 2016)£4,530.00
Willberry Wonder Pony (Supporters Club 2016)£500.00
Earl Haig Poppy Fund at Opening Meet 2016£1,630.30
Badminton Church Restoration Fund (Badminton Ride 2016)£1,000.00
SSAFA (Badminton Ride 2016)£4,000.00
Breast Cancer Care UK (2016)£2,050.00
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day Meet 2015)£4,460.00
Badminton Church Restoration Fund (Carol Service 2015)£1,000.00
Horse World£200.00
Wiltshire Air Ambulance (Supporters Club 2015)£1,000.00
Countryside Alliance (Yeomanry Ride 2015)£693.00
Badminton Church (Badminton Ride 2015)£1,000.00
Hope for Tomorrow (Badminton Ride 2015)£6,000.00
Earl Haig Poppy Fund at opening Meet 2015£1,212.15
Brain Tumour Support (Charity Meet 2015)£2,005.95
Wiltshire Air Ambulance (Point to Point 2015)£1,188.96
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day Meet 2014)£3,700.00
Earl Haig Poppy Fund at Opening Meet 2014£1,581.16
Countryside Alliance (Yeomanry Ride 2014)£1,005.00
Wiltshire Air Ambulance (Supporters Club 2014)£1,000.00
Air Ambulance Wales, Grt West, Wilts (Badminton Ride 2014)£5,000.00
Hunt Staff Benefit Society (Boxing Day 2013)£3,735.55
Heart UK from Horse Show 2013£1,000.00
Earl Haig Poppy Fund at Opening Meet 2013£1,348.00
Riding for the Disabled (Hampsley Hollow)£1,700.00
Salvation Army (Point to Point 2012)£2,000.00
Air Ambulance (Charity Meet 2013)£2,186.22
Didmarton Village Hall£200.00
Great Dauntsey Church floor in Bell Tower£100.00
Badminton Village Club centenary celebrations£300.00
Bristol Childrens Hospital£400.00
Old Sodbury CE Primary School£200.00
Southern Spinal Injuries Trust£200.00
Ebony Horse Club£200.00
SOSCIC Sherston Old School Project£200.00
Badminton Church£200.00
Bristol Urological Prostate Cancer Unit£1,500.00
Seagry and Startley Village Hall£200.00
Hawkesbury Church£200.00
RNIB Blind Charity£1,000.00
PROPS Charity£200.00
Earl Haig Fund (Opening Meet 2012)£1,108.33