Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club
Chairman Mike Hibbard 01666 840805
Hon Secretary Mrs Toni Ponting 01666 575216 Membership £10 per annum or £50 Life
Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary Mrs J. Curtis 01666 840303 Email to Mrs J. Curtis   Hunt Merchandise - Gillian Satterly 07786 180335 Email to Gill Satterly

The Beaufort has a thriving Supporters Club with around 2,000 paying members and more than that attending functions. The annual membership fee is £10.00 well within the grasp of everybody. It is made up of individuals from every walk of life imaginable and all age groups. They hold over twenty gatherings per annum. For some members of the hunt club these gatherings and those run by the hunt are at the centre of their social life and many attend each occasion without fail. The hunt club regularly donates money to charity and their present policy is to give more numerous but smaller donations to local charities rather than fewer but larger donations to national charities. This gives a greater local commitment and interest and they have found that people therefore give more freely.

Please consider applying for membership of the 200 Club Please click for letter from Ginnie Keen.

Supporters Club Show - Wednesday 9th August
What a day, the first wet one in 9 years. Even thought the weather was not at its best the show was still a great success. The new lay out of the show ground has been seen as a great improvement by all. A big thank you to all the judges, stewards and volunteers that are such an essential part of the show. For those of you who did come along and compete an enormous thank you, even with the weather you still came and made it a happy day. Yet a again a great show of the variety of horses/ponies/riders, young and old enjoying all types of classes. Classes from dressage, working/show hunter, show jumping, ex racehorse, coloured, mountain and moorland, prettiest mare, novice combination, side saddle, cartridge, fancy dress and gymkanna to name a few. We look forward to seeing you all next year.